December 2008

Published Quarterly by the Gold Country Travelers RV Club. A chapter of SunnyTravelers

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Recent Outing Stories

October Outing @ Redding

November Outing @ Duck Island

Christmas Dinner

Meetings Minutes



Upcoming Outings

January 23-25

Pelican Point, Half Moon Bay

Ken & Cricket Couser

February 12-14

 10th Anniversary Celebration

Bryce 7 Bessie Smith


March 26-28

Bodega Bay

John & Karen Puthuff



Birthdays and Anniversaries



Tech Tips



October @ Redding




Big 31 Winner




Shasta Dam Tour



November @ Duck Island




Beautiful Sunsets


Good Food


This is the life!




Christmas Dinner





Ol’ Gambling Buddies



Meet our sponsors – Jay and Vonel – J’s RV







Check out our website for all the pictures and upcoming outing details.


Published quarterly by
Gold Country Travelers RV Club

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Club Officers

President - David Lee
(916) 967-9179

V. P - Chuck Rogers
(707) 483-9276

Secretary - Janice Saylor
(916) 723-1613

(Officer’s Cont’d)

Treasurer - Cindy Gore
(916) 929-3810

Website - John Saylor
(916) 723-1613


2009 Outing Calendar


January 23-25– Pelican Point, Half Moon Bay                   Couser’s Wagon Masters

February 12-14,

10th Anniversary Outing

 49er RV Park, Plymouth                Bryce & Bessie Smith
March 26-28 - Bodega Bay, Puthuff's, Wagon Masters
April 3-4 – Woodson Bridge Leard's, Wagon Masters


May - Jim & Judy McGrew, Wagon Masters


June 18-21 - Pine Acres RV Resort , Upper Lake

 Isola’s, Wagon Masters


July - Scott & Christy Nyland, Wagon Masters


Aug - Dillon Beach  

 Dave & Marsha Lee, Wagon Masters


Sept 10-14 - Napa Valley Expo - Watkins, Cooper

Wagon Masters


Oct 10-12 - Cowboy Film Festival, Lone Pine –

 Aaron & Carmen Harris, Wagon Masters


Nov – Howard & Judy Hitt, Wagon Masters                        **

Dec - Christmas Party,

 Cindy Gore






2009 International Rally

June 29- July 3, 2009

Hamburg, NY


Many signs of evidence such as arrowheads left by the Kahquak Indians and the Erie Indians have been found along the Eighteen Mile Creek and around the Erie County Fairgrounds. The name of "Lake Erie" and "Erie County" is derived from the Erie Indians.
 The Town of Hamburg is internationally famous for its Devonian fossils and shale outcroppings along the bank of the Eighteen Mile Creek. The Kleis site, located across from the Erie County Fair Grounds, is on the National Register for historic places.


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Presidents Message

Ten Years – a decade – 120 months.  Yes, it’s a long time, a great time for a great club that was started in 1999 by 13 Sunnybrook owners: Dave and Marsha Lee, Leonard and Ginger Witt, Greg and Jennifer Leard, Jack and Betty Isola, Jerry and Sherry Kessell, Ed and Joan Fernandez, Tim and Lindy Pickens, Bessie Smith and “what’s his name”, Bob and Jo-Ann Kuhlman, Earl and Nancy Bauer, Bobby and Cindy Gore, Richard and Virginia Lee and John and Lin Miller.  This group and all of the great incoming “new” members planned 115 outings through December 2008 and only one (November 2002 at Napa Valley) was cancelled.  That’s why I have always said we are, by far, the most successful chapter in the US.  I would guess that you could add three or four of the other chapters to the get our type of enthusiasm and attendance.  Let’s hope and pray that at year 20 our club will look back at with as much camaraderie and affection as we have after the past ten years.  Thanks for making the clubs first ten year as great as they have been.  Hopefully we will all see each other at the tenth Anniversary party, February 12-14, 2009.

Dave Lee



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Newsletter Deadlines – For this next year we plan on publishing the newsletter during the second week of the 3rd month of each quarter. So for the first quarter please have all articles for publication to me by March 6, the  2nd quarter by May 8, third quarter by September 4 and 4th quarter by November 7. 


October Outing  - RVing in Redding

   On October 9th through the 12th, the Gold Country Travelers made their way north to the JGW RV Park, located just outside Redding on the Sacramento River.  JGW is an immaculate park with full hook up fees starting at only $30 a night. 

   Rig jockeys making the trip were Dick LaVergne, Wagonmaster; Dave and Marsha Lee, joined by their son, Jeff and his family; Howard and Judy Hitt; Scott and Christie Nyland; Bob & Joann Kuhlman, the other Lees, Richard and Virginia; John and Janice Saylor Jack and Betty Isola and due to mechanical problems, the “We made it Rogers”, Chuck and Arlys. 

    The weather was perfect, lots of great company and a worry-free outing.   The outing started on Thursday, which included exploring on our own, with Dick trying out his new 150 cc scooter for putting around the area.  Hauled in the bed of the truck and wheeled down a ramp, it was the latest in Sunnybrook accessories… Next time will he sport a Sunnybrook patch on his helmet?

   On Friday, a few of us tried our luck at the Win River Casino….(Does Jack ever lose?).   Joining Jack with that winning edge was Dave Lee, having mastered a new table game that combined Hi-card match, Blackjack and Poker.  Whew!  In the evening, we all enjoyed dinner at Cool Hand Luke’s in Redding, which ended with many compliments for the service and meals.  Try it the next time you’re in Redding.  (There’s also a new one that’s opened near Sunrise Mall in Sacramento.)

    Saturday found the group on a terrific tour of the workings and innards of Shasta Dam.  A 428 foot ride down an elevator into the dam interior brought us to the “echoing” gallery tunnel and then a presentation on the construction of the dam which began in 1938 and included 5 years of continuous pouring of concrete, finishing construction in 1945.   The dam has held back many a flood, but this year, the lake was at a low point of more than 150 feet below capacity.   If you haven’t been on it, try the tour.  It’s worth it.   The Sundial Bridge was also a “must see” for several of us.  Be sure to check out the pics on both!   

   The Saturday potluck included Halloween decorations, a celebration of Marsha’s birthday and good cheer and games for all.   The hit of the evening was the beautifully framed close-up picture of Howard for Marsha…  I’m sure it’s hanging in a place of honor and provides a lasting reminder of the group’s RVing in Redding!    



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November Outing at Duck Island

Bob and Jo Ann Kulman, Wagon Masters

   The Gold Country Travelers camped out in November at a site never visited before by the group.  Duck Island is a beautiful campground located on a grassy site next to the river in Rio Vista. The weather was a balmy calm 75 degrees during the weekend. It was a record for nice weather.

   We came in early on Friday to find that the Rogers had already arrived.  The Couser, Harris, Isola, Nyland, Saylor and Stohlman RV’s then came in and we spent the rest of the day greeting the arrival of our new members, Jerry and Maryan Billips.  All nine of our trailers were lined up along the riverbank with a panoramic view of the water.  Friday evening we all caravanned to the other side of the river for a tasty dinner at “The Point” restaurant.    Saturday found most of us lounging in the sun on the grassy bank enjoying the view and watching the river craft during the day and some magnificent sunsets in the evening.

   On Saturday evening a potluck dinner in the clubhouse consisted of delicious pork loin roast, potato casseroles, beans and avocado salads and of course, several cakes for dessert.  In the evening a large group of us played the card game 31.

   On Sunday morning the Harris’s led a tour to view a “Camp Tracy” film about a secret interrogation center for Japanese POW's during WWII.  Those that attended enjoyed it.

   While some of our party departed Sunday afternoon for home, those that remained had free time and five couples met up again for dinner at a great Italian restaurant in Rio Vista called “Lucy’s Café”.

   On Monday morning the rest of us said our farewells after a very enjoyable weekend.


December Christmas Party

Cindy Gore, Chairperson


  The Gold Country Travelers Christmas Party was held December 6  at Logan's Roadhouse in Sacramento. Cindy Gore hosted the dinner. There was 39 members in attendance, plus our Sunnybrook sponsor Jay and his wife Vonel of J’s RV in Eureka, Ca. The food was great as was the service. Table decorations were made by Cindy Gore. One lucky couple at each of the tables went home with the centerpieces. Christmas ornaments with the year and club name were given out as party favors. Cindy’s daughter-in-law, Stacey, made these. We all had a wonderful time, good food and catching up on this years personal trips and hearing about next years outings. I will reserve Logan's for next year. Check the web site for some pictures. This is such a great way to get ready for the coming year




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Meeting Minutes

Redding - October 12, 2008


Dave thanked Dick for great weekend and tour of Shasta Dam.

Howard and Judy Hitt volunteered to do next year.

Happy Birthday again to Marsha and acknowledgement of their guests for the weekend.

Next Outings 

November - Duck Island at Rio Vista.  Wagon masters Bob and Jo-Ann Kuhlman.  Details on website.


December - Christmas Party.  Cindy Gore at Logan's Roadhouse.  Details on website.


January - Pelican Point at Half Moon Bay, Ken and Cricket Couser wagon masters.  Details on website.


Notice of SunnyBrook and GMC Duramax for sale on park bulletin board. 


John Saylor will print a copy of newsletter to mail to Jay in Eureka.


Respectfully submitted,

Janice Saylor, Secretary


Meeting Minutes

Duck Island, November 15, 2008


Meeting called to order 7:19PM by VP Chuck Rogers.  Thanks to Bob and Jo-Ann Kuhlman for the wonderful weekend.  Guests Jerry and Maryann Billips welcomed and given a membership application.


Christmas Party - Dec 6, details on website.


January - Pelican Point at Half Moon Bay, wagon masters Ken and Cricket Couser.  More details to follow, check web site.


February - 10th anniversary of club celebration/reunion.  Forty Niner RV Park in Plymouth, wagon masters Bryce and Bessie Smith. All past and present members encouraged to come.  


Carmen Harris gave details about Sunday morning trip to Brentwood for Camp Tracy film about secret interrogation center for Japanese POWs.  


Continental breakfast scheduled for 8:30 AM, Sunday.


Meeting adjourned, 7:30 PM


Respectfully submitted

Janice Saylor, Secretary.  


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Upcoming Outings and Events


January 23-25, Pelican point RV Park, Half Moon Bay. Ken and Cricket Couser, Wagon Masters. Full hookups, Cable TV, WiFi, $30.00 per night(cash) $33.00 (Credit). $4.00 for extra persons.  Shasta Dam and Power Plant Tour, Visit the Sun Dial Bridge and much more.  For Reservations send $30 check to Richard LaVergne. Mail to: 699 Morris Way Sacramento, Ca 95864, email: or call (916) 482-4640.

 More info


February 12-14, Tenth Anniversary Celebration, Plymouth,

 Wagon Masters Bryce and Bessie Smith.  Twenty spaces have been reserved, plus there are loft cottages available for those who no longer have a rig.  Everybody, including former members, are invited.  Hoping for a large turnout.  Have the large club house Friday and Saturday.  Tri tip and chicken will be served Saturday night.  Dave will set up a winery tour for Saturday.  More Info

March 26-28, Bodega bay RV Park

 John & Karen Puthuff, Wagon Masters. This is one of the clubs favorite destinations.  Contact John or Karen at 916-482-9299 to reserve your site.


Dues are Due

Cindy will be sending out renewals soon. Respond quickly to insure your listing in the 2009 Roster

2009 Roster

We will be starting the roster soon. Send any updates to your information to John via email:


TECH TIP – Sliding Door

Overall, Sunnybrook builds an above average quality rig but they still have their quirks. They tend to cut corners on relatively minor costing hardware. I am sure most of you have had to repair drawer slides that have not stood up to the forces encountered from bumpy roads. This past weekend I had a pocket door support rail come loose inside the wall. Fortunately it was a relatively simple fix. The doors easily unclip from their sliding hangers. I found that the three mounting screws that hold the rail in place had pulled loose. The screws were simply too short to adequately hold the weight of the door on a rough road where inertial forces can impose loads that may be two or three times the actual weight of the door. I replaced the 3/8” screws with 1 1/4” screws with bigger threads. I also found that while there are only three screws supporting the door when it is open inside the wall there are about six screws supporting it when it is closed and should these screws come loose they are much easier to get to. To access the screws inside the wall I had to remove some molding and reach in almost to my shoulder. A very tight fit to get the elbow into the space. If you are carrying a little extra body weight or have big joints you are not going to make the fix! So to avoid problems I would urge everyone to keep the door in the closed position when traveling.


Ed Fernandez




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    Happy Birthdays                           Happy Anniversaries



Jerry Billips



Ed & Joan Fernandez


Marsha Lee



Greg & Jennifer Leard


Bessie Smith



Chuck & Arlys Rogers


Jane Poynter



Jerry & Maryan Billips


Jack Isola



Bryce & Bessie Smith


Ken Collins



Howard & Judy Hitt


Shirley Watkins



Larry & Roberta Cooper


Gary Moore



Murl & Jane Poynter


Arlys Rogers



Dick & Carol Bilheimer


Bob Kuhlman



Ken & Cricket Couser


Carmen Harris





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