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Avacado Salsa
by Sherry Kessell
Chile Relenos
by Christy Nyland
Cocktail Sauce
by Howard Hitt
Ham Hash Browns
by Shirley Watkins

Italian Wedding Soup
by Shirley Watkins
Lemon Poke Cake
by Janice Saylor
Spanish Breakfast
by Willie Mae
Turtle Cake
by Shirley Watkins

BBQ Turkey Breast
by Joan Fernandez
Chile Egg Puff
by JanePoynter
Shrimp Dip
by Joan Fernandez
Stuffed Mushrooms
by Jane Poynter

Poor Man's Liver Pate
by Dick's Cousin Judy
Mini Spinach Quiches
by Dick's cousin Judy
Strawberries & Cream
by Jane Poynter
Baked Brie
by Marsha Lee

Hot Chicken Salad
by Shirley Watkins
Cowboy Caviar
by Roberta Cooper
Stir Fried Rice with
Oriental vegetables
by Jane Poynter
Carmel Apple Dump Cake
by Vivienne Ha

Cookie Sheet Cake
by Marlys Deverness

Apple Nut Cake
by Cricket Couser
Peanut Butter Sheet Cake
by Carmen Harris
Stir Fry Green Beans
by Carmen Harris

Chocolate Rum Cake
by Janice Saylor
Betty's Chili
by Jack Diggins
Lucy's Raw Vegie Salad
by Lucy Farley
Betty's Rockie Road
by Jack Diggins

Cherry Salad
by Donna Thompson

"The Big Easy Chef"

A series of you tube videos by our own Howard Hitt

 Sweet Pickle
Bread & Butter Pickles   
      How to Make 100% Whole
      Wheat Bread

 How to Make Pizza
How to make Pizza Sauce       How to Make Pizza

 How to Make White 
Whole Wheat Bown and
Serve Rolls
Home Made
Macaroni Salad     

 Home Made Blue Cheese
Home Made Mayonaise

See all of Howard's Big Easy Chef Recipes
on his own wesite


Updated 11/05/2018